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Four simple exercises on how to grow taller

Four simple exercises on how to grow taller

It is well known fact that everyone wishes to be tall. Tall stature is associated not only with beauty but also with positive self image.  If you have crossed 25 years of age and feel hopeless when it comes to increasing you height, or you have been asking the question “How to grow taller?’ Do not be disheartened by the misconception that you can no longer increase your height beyond the age of 25.Quite on the contrary, there are ample research evidence that shows how it is possible to increase your height and different medical and non medical approaches that have shown that it can be done (even if the increase is only for few inches)

One of the most effective, cost friendly and natural ways of how to grow taller is by following sets of height increasing exercises. Most people are generally ignorant of this approach and instead spend hundreds of dollars buying expensive apparatus.  One of the few natural approaches to increase your height involves following few basic exercises on a regular basis. All you need is strong motivation and allocated specific time to carry out these exercises. If done on a regular and consistent basis it will surely help solve your problem statement “how to grow taller”.

Here are four simple exercises on how to grow taller

At the core of any height increasing exercise is the focus on stretching. These stretching exercises are one of the most effective and reliable approach  to get positive result .Listed below are four easy step that can help you in your height increasing  effort

Exercise one

This one is very simple all you have to do is lie down and face the ceiling and then slowly stretch and  move your right foot  towards the left foot keeping your legs static .Ideally you should  not put too much of effort  when you do this. Always rest your back comfortably on the floor.  You will have to repeat the same exercise using your left foot

Exercise two

Lie down on your chest and stomach facing the floor, place both your arms close to the hips and slowly bend the keens backward. Try to hold the legs moving your hand backwards. It is important that your thigh remains static. Keep doing this movement with few seconds interval

Exercise three

This is a swing exercise all you need is a sturdy bar above the ground. Hold the bar and swing your body using only the wrist as support. You need to ensure that your feet do not touch the ground while swinging. Swing for few seconds and continue the rhythm for some time with intermittent rest

Exercise four

For this exercise you need a chair that has high head rest. All you have to do is to hold the head rest of the chair and slowly swing your right leg backwards and repeat the same exercise with the other leg. The spine needs to be straight and upright and you should try to stretch your legs to the max

Following these four simple stretching exercises on a regular basis will greatly help you in solving the big problem statement ‘how to grow taller’. These steps will cost you nothing and unlike those expensive apparatus devices that promises result without evidence